The Most Popular Type of Shoes by Women in the World

In a survey initiated by the MSN website and involving 1,545 British women, it was revealed that as many as 27 percent of women have at least 50 pairs of shoes. Then, as much as 50 percent of respondents were found to have a minimum of 39 shoes.

Seeing women’s admiration for the range of footwear creations, a special shoe fashion label, Shoes of Prey, originating from Australia, held a survey to find out what types of shoes are most favored by women around the world.

The following description:
1. Australia Australian women love flat shoes or flats. On the Shoes of Prey site, most Australian consumers create flats with decoration in the form of a rope wrapped around the ankle or buckle. For color choices, they prefer brown and leopard colors.

2. Canada Women in Canada have diverse tastes when it comes to the choice of shoes. But basically, women in Canada are fond of black high heel shoes, silk-based shoes with print motifs, and leather shoes.

3. England Apparently women in the UK are happy with sparkling shoes. The more glitter effect a shoe has, the more favored the shoe is. The most widely used glitter colors are silver, red and gold. In terms of shoe models, British women are happy with round toe and pointed toe manifold shoes.

4. Mexico The women in Mexico like wedges. Shoes with the highest heel height ordered by consumers Shoes of Prey from Mexico, reaching 5.8 inches or about 14 cm. However, they do not like wedges shoes that display neutral colors. They prefer red and silver glitter.

5. United States Like women from Canada, women in the United States have diverse shoe tastes. However, at the moment the shoes that are popular are Mary Jane shoes with a loop around the ankles. In addition, shoes made from satin are also being a favorite.

Then what about you? What kind of shoes are your favorite shoes?

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