Fish Skin Shoes for the Lifestyle of All

Nowadays, leather-based fashion is increasingly popular because it is unique and has a high selling price and has even become a lifestyle for the people. However, the use of skin in endangered animals such as crocodiles, snakes and cows has begun to be restricted to tackle illegal hunting.

Various fashion from fish skin which was conceived by Nyoman Adi Arnaya from Singaraja was quite interesting. Of the various types of fish skins used such as Red Snapper (red snapper), White Snapper (barramundi), Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Lizard, Stingray, Rooster Claw and Stingray. The most popular types of stingray skin.

Stingray is an exotic lether which has a unique texture and motif, so it is great if shoes or bags are used. But the decreasing stingray population has limited the export of these fish species. “Every year the production is still there but now it starts to be limited,” he added.

To overcome this scarcity, Arnaya is now beginning to switch to using snapper skin, both red snapper and white snapper. Like stingrays, snapper also has a unique texture and motif so that the goods produced have special characteristics. “Snapper has a very unique motif and a strong skin texture so it can withstand both heat and cold,” he added.

Arnaya revealed that fish skin waste was chosen because it has large enough waters so that it has an abundant supply of fish that is able to export several types of fish to several countries. In fact, Indonesia is the fifth largest fish supplier in the world, so processing fish skin into valuable goods is one of the uses of fish waste. “This is a waste that is available throughout the year,” he explained.

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