Color and Light of Shinjuku in Onitsuka Tiger Shoes

If you visit the Shinjuku area in Tokyo, Japan, in the evening, you will find a city filled with bright lights from colorful lights, like a giant night market that is noisy.

People who walk quickly, move swiftly, make the atmosphere more dynamic. Shinjuku is like a combination of motion and light, and that is exactly what John Warwicker, the founder of Tomato’s creative studio, captured.

In the Time I’s I space art project, John visited various places in the world, took photographs, analyzed the dominant colors in each place visited, and then expressed those places in those colors.

The colors of Shinjuku are what John poured in collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger. He colored the Tiger Horizonia series shoes with Shinjuku energy.

The original shoes were trail shoes that were given modern packaging imitating the neon light on the billboards in Shinjuku and the crowd that seemed to never stop.

The collection that comes in red and blue with the addition of pink and yellow is called the Tomato Shinjuku XPRS, or an abbreviation of express that describes how people rushed to Shinjuku.

Tiger Horizonia Shinjuku series is available at official Onitsuka Tiger stores, and is an iconic series that was released again. Onitsuka Tiger was originally established as a brand of sports shoes.

Later its products were widely used as fashion items and became one of the brands that brought back vintage series in a modern style.

Unique Story of the Birth and Rise of Onitsuka Tiger

The defeat in World War II was a tragic moment for Japanese people. They must submit to the Allied forces, be forced into a democratic state in place of the empire, and be open to the world.

Fortunately, many people remain eager to move forward. One of them is a 32-year-old war veteran named Kihachiro Onitsuka. The man from Kobe wanted to divert the attention of the young men from the dark shadows of the war to rise through sports.

At that time, Japanese people were exercising in modest shoes, because there really wasn’t a special sports shoe maker there. Those who want to wear sports shoes often get it from the remaining supplies of US troops serving in Japan.

Therefore in 1949 Kihachiro Onitsuka tried to make shoes suitable for athletes, as well as those who loved to exercise. Initially he hired four employees at his home to make shoes inspired by traditional Japanese straw sandals.

However, the “straw” shoes did not sell because they were unsuitable and uncomfortable for playing basketball. Incidentally at that time the Americans brought basketball which was immediately popular in Japan. Onitsuka was also looking for a way to make his shoes comfortable.

Finally the inspiration came at an unexpected moment. Kihachiro Onitsuka got an idea when he ate octopus salad. At that time one of the octopus tentacles he was about to eat was stuck to the bowl and was difficult to remove.

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