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Fish Skin Shoes for the Lifestyle of All

Nowadays, leather-based fashion is increasingly popular because it is unique and has a high selling price and has even become a lifestyle for the people. However, the use of skin in endangered animals such as crocodiles, snakes and cows has begun to be restricted to tackle illegal hunting.

Various fashion from fish skin which was conceived by Nyoman Adi Arnaya from Singaraja was quite interesting. Of the various types of fish skins used such as Red Snapper (red snapper), White Snapper (barramundi), Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Lizard, Stingray, Rooster Claw and Stingray. The most popular types of stingray skin.

Stingray is an exotic lether which has a unique texture and motif, so it is great if shoes or bags are used. But the decreasing stingray population has limited the export of these fish species. “Every year the production is still there but now it starts to be limited,” he added.

To overcome this scarcity, Arnaya is now beginning to switch to using snapper skin, both red snapper and white snapper. Like stingrays, snapper also has a unique texture and motif so that the goods produced have special characteristics. “Snapper has a very unique motif and a strong skin texture so it can withstand both heat and cold,” he added.

Arnaya revealed that fish skin waste was chosen because it has large enough waters so that it has an abundant supply of fish that is able to export several types of fish to several countries. In fact, Indonesia is the fifth largest fish supplier in the world, so processing fish skin into valuable goods is one of the uses of fish waste. “This is a waste that is available throughout the year,” he explained.

Injuries Due Roller Skating and How to Prevent It

Not only can roller skate burn calories, it can also be a fun sport. But behind the excitement that is felt, exercise roller skates that are not done carefully can risk causing injury.

Injuries when using roller skates are common, including professional skates. The reason is because they spur roller skates at high speed in a race.

Roller Blade – Boy Hurt

Various Injuries Due To Roller Skates

The risk of injury that arises from playing roller skates is very diverse, ranging from knee injuries, wrists, or elbow injuries. To understand the risk of injury further, you can listen to the full explanation below:

  1. Knee injury
    When playing roller skates, often the knees land first when falling. This then increases the risk of knee injury. Because blood vessels and nerves can be damaged or pinched when falling. Injuries that can occur include sprains, ligaments (connective tissue between bones or cartilage or joints) that are torn, broken kneecaps and joint dislocations.
  2. Wrist injury
    Not only around the feet, playing roller skates can also cause injury to the hands. The reason is when falling, it is not impossible that the hand will try to hold it. Wrist injuries that can occur include broken or sprained. If you have sprained your wrist, try to rest your wrist and apply ice packs to the area.
  3. Elbow injury
    Injury while playing roller skates risks causing elbow dislocation or elbow bone shift. This elbow dislocation can cause quite severe pain, can not move or bend the elbow, and experience swelling. Elbow dislocation is a serious injury, because under the elbow there are nerves and arteries.

Prevent Injury When Playing Roller Skates

The risk of injury when playing roller skates can be reduced and prevented in several ways, including:

  1. Give first aid
    If you experience a knee injury while playing roller skates, do first aid immediately. First aid options include resting the injured leg, use a knee brace or bracing so that the knee does not move much. See a doctor if you think the injury is severe enough and does not improve.
  2. Compress the wound with ice cubes
    If you experience an injury to the elbow when playing roller skates, it is recommended to immediately compress with ice cubes on the swollen parts and reduce or avoid the movement of your elbows. Ice cubes can help reduce bruising and pain due to injury. If the injury is severe enough, see a doctor immediately.
  3. Undergoing treatment at the hospital
    For treatment in hospitals, doctors will usually work with a physiotherapist for treatment and exercises that can be done to overcome the injuries suffered. The doctor can use manipulation techniques to return your elbows to their position, if you have an injury to the elbow. If your wrists are sprained due to sudden and excessive pounding, the doctor will give you a splint. Splinting can prevent the wrist from moving excessively which risks injuring the tendon again. If not, this risks causing incomplete healing, limited movement, and long-term disability.

Sports roller skates are fun, but remember to be careful in doing this sport. Also make sure you use a protective section of the knee, elbows, and helmets for roller skates. Do not let the excitement of doing sports disappear or cause harmful injury, because you are not careful.

Women are prohibited from wearing high heels in Canada

Maybe now women have a reason to move to Canada. Because the province of British Columbia (BC), Canada issued a law about the prohibition of wearing high heels in the work environment.

The BC provincial government announced this on Friday. The government considers the demand for the use of high heels when working is not safe. Female employees are at risk of injury and their feet can be hurt from wearing shoes for a long time.

“This change is to convince female employees to keep the most important part of their bodies, namely the feet safe,” said Shirley Bond, Minister of Labor in her release as quoted by The Huffington Post.

This rule ensures that every workplace has a design, design and material for footwear that is safe for employees while working, and ensures that employees do not use footwear that are not up to standard.

Officially this new regulation, employees must pay attention to safety factors when choosing footwear that must be worn such as uneven work environments, protection for ankles, foot support and tripping risks.

In addition to protecting employees, this release also mentions that the BC Human Rights Law already has protection against discrimination based on gender, which can include uniform rules based on gender.

The prohibition on the obligation to wear high heels arises because of the circulation of photographs of Canadian women with bloody feet and the story behind them. These photos and stories then become viral.

The woman was allegedly ‘verbally abused’ for replacing her high heels with flat heels or flats while working in a restaurant. Despite the fact, the high-heeled shoes that were required to be worn made the woman’s feet bleed and even one of her toenails fell off.

When confirmed, the restaurant told The Huffington Post that the rules on work uniforms had changed, so flats could become footwear while working.

Meanwhile, in other places, the rules about uniforms are also still under supervision. In May 2016, British women who worked as receptionists were asked to go home because they did not wear high heels. This experience led him to start petitioning with more than 150 thousand signatures and being taken to Parliament.

In the United States, there is a gap between the central and regional levels. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that employees are allowed to set uniforms that are suitable for all employees or employees with certain job categories, with the exception being made for employees of certain religions or employees with disabilities.

The New York City Human Rights Commission, on the other hand announced a new directive in December 2015, which states the use of uniforms based on gender could be a violation of the law.

It’s hard to believe when in 2017 there was still talk about mandatory or not mandatory wearing certain shoes. But the news from BC is the right step.

Color and Light of Shinjuku in Onitsuka Tiger Shoes

If you visit the Shinjuku area in Tokyo, Japan, in the evening, you will find a city filled with bright lights from colorful lights, like a giant night market that is noisy.

People who walk quickly, move swiftly, make the atmosphere more dynamic. Shinjuku is like a combination of motion and light, and that is exactly what John Warwicker, the founder of Tomato’s creative studio, captured.

In the Time I’s I space art project, John visited various places in the world, took photographs, analyzed the dominant colors in each place visited, and then expressed those places in those colors.

The colors of Shinjuku are what John poured in collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger. He colored the Tiger Horizonia series shoes with Shinjuku energy.

The original shoes were trail shoes that were given modern packaging imitating the neon light on the billboards in Shinjuku and the crowd that seemed to never stop.

The collection that comes in red and blue with the addition of pink and yellow is called the Tomato Shinjuku XPRS, or an abbreviation of express that describes how people rushed to Shinjuku.

Tiger Horizonia Shinjuku series is available at official Onitsuka Tiger stores, and is an iconic series that was released again. Onitsuka Tiger was originally established as a brand of sports shoes.

Later its products were widely used as fashion items and became one of the brands that brought back vintage series in a modern style.

Unique Story of the Birth and Rise of Onitsuka Tiger

The defeat in World War II was a tragic moment for Japanese people. They must submit to the Allied forces, be forced into a democratic state in place of the empire, and be open to the world.

Fortunately, many people remain eager to move forward. One of them is a 32-year-old war veteran named Kihachiro Onitsuka. The man from Kobe wanted to divert the attention of the young men from the dark shadows of the war to rise through sports.

At that time, Japanese people were exercising in modest shoes, because there really wasn’t a special sports shoe maker there. Those who want to wear sports shoes often get it from the remaining supplies of US troops serving in Japan.

Therefore in 1949 Kihachiro Onitsuka tried to make shoes suitable for athletes, as well as those who loved to exercise. Initially he hired four employees at his home to make shoes inspired by traditional Japanese straw sandals.

However, the “straw” shoes did not sell because they were unsuitable and uncomfortable for playing basketball. Incidentally at that time the Americans brought basketball which was immediately popular in Japan. Onitsuka was also looking for a way to make his shoes comfortable.

Finally the inspiration came at an unexpected moment. Kihachiro Onitsuka got an idea when he ate octopus salad. At that time one of the octopus tentacles he was about to eat was stuck to the bowl and was difficult to remove.

The Most Popular Type of Shoes by Women in the World

In a survey initiated by the MSN website and involving 1,545 British women, it was revealed that as many as 27 percent of women have at least 50 pairs of shoes. Then, as much as 50 percent of respondents were found to have a minimum of 39 shoes.

Seeing women’s admiration for the range of footwear creations, a special shoe fashion label, Shoes of Prey, originating from Australia, held a survey to find out what types of shoes are most favored by women around the world.

The following description:
1. Australia Australian women love flat shoes or flats. On the Shoes of Prey site, most Australian consumers create flats with decoration in the form of a rope wrapped around the ankle or buckle. For color choices, they prefer brown and leopard colors.

2. Canada Women in Canada have diverse tastes when it comes to the choice of shoes. But basically, women in Canada are fond of black high heel shoes, silk-based shoes with print motifs, and leather shoes.

3. England Apparently women in the UK are happy with sparkling shoes. The more glitter effect a shoe has, the more favored the shoe is. The most widely used glitter colors are silver, red and gold. In terms of shoe models, British women are happy with round toe and pointed toe manifold shoes.

4. Mexico The women in Mexico like wedges. Shoes with the highest heel height ordered by consumers Shoes of Prey from Mexico, reaching 5.8 inches or about 14 cm. However, they do not like wedges shoes that display neutral colors. They prefer red and silver glitter.

5. United States Like women from Canada, women in the United States have diverse shoe tastes. However, at the moment the shoes that are popular are Mary Jane shoes with a loop around the ankles. In addition, shoes made from satin are also being a favorite.

Then what about you? What kind of shoes are your favorite shoes?